Friday, March 27, 2009

A strange thing happened

Dómhnall dropped in this morning.
He told me that I had far too many pictures of flowers on the blog and that it all looked too girly. He also told me I was ‘way too eager’ to get involved in the many, many exciting things happening on the internet, and that I needed to get my head together and do some writing of my own.
I’ve decided maybe he’s right. I found the nature posting a little stressful, which is, of course, entirely my own fault and is the last thing such a lovely project was intended to be. But somehow I managed to take three hours to upload my photos (which, let’s be honest, are not very good – you should see some of the photographs these people are taking. There’s no other word for them but brilliant) and I also posted my link at entirely the wrong time.
I think I might just enjoy being a bystander for a while.
When I asked Dómhnall how he had learnt to be so wise at such a young age he muttered something about ‘me mam’, dropped the slice of toast slathered in nutella he’d been eating, and left. He is definitely not himself.

A strange thing happened after I came back from work today. The eccentric looking red-haired lady was standing outside the house by the public phone-box (in which there is no longer any phone) and when I parked the car on the street and opened the front garden gate something large and wet landed with a splat an inch or two from my feet.

It was a big, very soft, tomato, clearly thrown with great force: Some of the seeds exploding from it had landed on my wine suede shoes. I looked up to see the red-haired lady glaring at me. She was yelling something that sounded like ‘ladlebatter.’
I scurried inside and took refuge behind the sitting room curtains, where I watched her glare at Aunt Dee’s house until she finally went away.
I must ask Dómhnall if he knows who she is.


  1. Oh dear..Having a blog shouldn't be stressful at all. If you ever want to partcipate in Nature Notes again, just come and leave your link. It doesn't have to be photos at all.. Just anything. Maybe you should do what you want on your blog and take any suggestions with a grain of salt. There is nothing wrong with flowers if you like them. It's your blog and nobody knows who you really are, so you can have fun..Have a good weekend...

  2. Thanks rambling woods - I think I might just stick with visiting your site for now :).
    This first week blogging has been a bit of a learning curve - but a really fun one. One of the nicest things about it is how kind all you 'established' bloggers have been.
    Have a nice weekend too, PF