Monday, March 30, 2009

Could this really be Aunt Dee?

Michael read over my court reports today, and to my astonishment, and his, he told me they were ‘actually quite good.’
I felt a bit smug, until I remembered I worked as a legal secretary for 10 years before I got married.

This evening I tried to do some more work on Aunt Dee’s vegetable garden, but within seconds of going out the door I was engulfed by a cloud of the largest midge/fly/mosquito creatures I have ever seen. After less than five minutes I fled inside. I suspect that, in the past, Aunt Dee may have used some illegal, growth boosting fertilizer in her vegetable garden.

Hunted from the garden, I decided I might as well start on the task of finding a nice publisher for my book.
It turns out that might not be quite as easy as I’d thought. Apparently, to get a publisher to read it, I first of all need something called a literary agent. But as there seem to be plenty of these out there, (probably more than there are books being written,) I suspect it won’t be too difficult.
I also decided to clear out Aunt Dee’s desk, which sits in the corner of a sun-faded room, formerly known as the parlour, overlooking the front garden, and is where I now try to write (and end up exploring the fascinating world of the internet instead).
I found this photograph in one of the desk drawers. She’s awfully glamorous, which is not something I remember Aunt Dee ever being.

But if it isn’t Aunt Dee than who is it?


  1. Where's da picture? where's da picture? Lemme see it,it's prob my comp (the Dell from Hell) but I canno see da picture.

  2. Grovelling apologies - I'm still getting used to all this uploading pictures stuff. Is it working now? Is it?

  3. Wow! I never had an Aunt like that! Most of mine had beards and smelled of wheelie bin.