Friday, March 20, 2009

First comment - yahooo

I just got my first comment today – very, very, excited – in fact, it almost makes up for the black, black day I had yesterday.
This morning I got up very early, went for a restorative walk on the hill behind the house (where I got chased by a horse) and then came back to turn on my computer and find a lovely, supportive message from somebody called totalfeckineejit. (I suspect it may be a Polish name. Check out their fascinating blog at
Oddly enough, this person also tried to read Ted Hughes’s letters, but got further than I did. I’m not sure if it had something to do with the fact that my husband (about whom I will not be writing) was having an affair at the time and I hated all men, but I found that after the first fifty pages, rather than being inspiring and entertaining, Ted Hughes’s letters were, for a mere aspiring award-winning writer like me, a little turgid and pretentious.

Thank you, totalfeckineejit, for your lovely comment. I do hope your stay in Mountjoy wasn’t too awful – I spent six-years in a metaphorical jail, and it was hell.
I am now half-an-hour late for work. Shoot and damnation (I don’t think I’m allowed to post curse words). Please god let the editor be out having coffee with the receptionist like he was yesterday.

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  1. Hey Pf delighto to be the first to comment on your blog and thanks for the mention and the link.Mine is indeed, as you say, a fascinating blog.(Not fascinating enouff to follow I notice;) Ha, ha!As for TH and his letters ,give them a chance, the first 50 pages are the worst-I promise.Looking forward to stories of the 'oddly attractive Garda' Now that is surely the only way a Gard can appear attractive,also the 'crying red haired Lady' on the beach,surely a mystery and an answer all in the one line. More please.