Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nature notes (and other stuff)

Yesterday evening I discovered a nice site called Rambling Woods on another very nice site called Round the bend. Rambling Woods has invited people to post weekly Nature notes, and I think this is such a nice idea I’ve tried (tried being the operative word) to participate.

Firstly, I’m still not sure how this works so apologies to anyone who has landed or lands on this page looking for something entirely different – also apologies for the quality of the photos.
Also I have to be honest and say I’m not entirely sure what the purple flower is. I found it growing on the wall outside the house – I looked it up in one of my gardening books , and the only thing it resembles is something called foxes cabbage.

The smaller picture is of primroses and violets - I stumbled across a bank of them on a walk this morning, the same walk where I spotted this handsome mountain sheep and her two new spring lambs.

Other stuff

The court reporter called in sick with pneumonia today.
There was a series of loud crashes in the glass box after his call, then Michael scurried out and explained in strangled whispers that the court reporter is the only journalist in the office with shorthand.
‘But . . I know shorthand’ I said, astonished that I might actually be of some use for the first time since I started working here a week ago.
‘You do?’ Michael said, his eyes bulging with relief.
So today I did my first day of court reporting. The town’s ancient courthouse is not the nicest place in the world to spend a breezy spring day – but at least I finally felt I had something to offer. (The cases were not too edifying either – one man charged with urinating on a garda car, many many charges of driving without a licence, or tax, or insurance, and a case of a seventy-eight year-old pensioner who refused to have her eyes retested for her driving licence renewal. She drove away from the courthouse smiling and defiant, straight through a set of red lights.)

I love the of explosion of sharing on the internet. It really is an astonishing place. When I said this to D├│mhnall this evening he told me darkly that he was worried about me. He also told me there was a fada on the o in his name.
Then he ate two apples and a slice of tea-cake. I wonder if he’s sickening for something?


  1. apology is necessary as I knew once I read that you were new to blogging. Besides the real world has too many upsetting things without the internet world providing additional stress.

    This is a wonderful post for Nature Notes. I wish I could tell you what your plants are, but I am only learning myself. But I really enjoy the detective work of tracking down some plant or animal and being able to put a name to it.

    I love the sheep and her babies. It must be a wonderful place to take a walk and let the stress roll off.

    I hope you have luck with getting your work published and thank you for participating in Nature Notes...Michelle

  2. Thanks for letting me participate Michelle. I'm looking forward to exploring all the over sites taking part over the next couple of days . . :)