Friday, September 3, 2010

TFE'S Poetry Bus is ready to roll


The engine’s purring.

The windows have been cleaned.

The empty crisp packets, beer cans and aero bar wrappers have been removed.

The seats have been scrubbed and sprayed with febreze.

The Poetry Bus is read for its next journey.

Have a look at the following poem.

When I Set Out for Lyonnesse

When I set out for Lyonnesse,
A hundred miles away,
The rime was on the spray,
And starlight lit my lonesomeness
When I set out for Lyonnesse
A hundred miles away.

What would bechance at Lyonnesse
While I should sojourn there
No prophet durst declare,
Nor did the wisest wizard guess
What would bechance at Lyonnesse
While I should sojourn there.

When I came back from Lyonnesse
With magic in my eyes,
All marked with mute surmise
My radiance rare and fathomless,
When I came back from Lyonnesse
With magic in my eyes!

Thomas Hardy

Now write a poem about a moment of transformation.
It doesn’t necessarily have to take the form of a journey, like the poem above. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a personal transformation.
It can be about something as simple as freshly laid eggs transformed into a breakfast – A seed transformed into a plant – or a poem about a person transformed by circumstance into something completely new.

Now throw in a recurring line here and there.
And before and after pictures would be nice :)


  1. OOh! a structured challenge.Me likes! A cool crop of new poems I'm expecting! Thanks Pure Fiction!

  2. And not very long to think about it now!

  3. Eejit is right .... structure can be liberating in its own way ..

  4. Phew! A pretty tall order but I'll be there on Monday morning (hopefully)

  5. Okay, I'm up! Right here:

    Wonderful ticket challenge, PF! : )

  6. Oh heck! a proper poem - I don't know if I can do those. I'll see what happens. Love your header photo.

  7. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing what ye come up with :)
    And Heather, it can be whatever sort of poem you like. Just hop on board.

  8. It may be a re-issue, but I'm going to try and be with you...

  9. I claim an Extra Sensory Perception ticket for this Poetry Bus! I unwittingly fulfilled all requirements for this post on Wednesday, 1st September!

    But I may write another by Monday, if the Muse strikes...

  10. I'm up and running:

    Thanks...great prompt!

  11. Titus, Hope you can make it and that you're doing ok?

    Jinksy, after visiting your place I understand exactly what you mean. Weird. Maybe some sensory poetic magic took place in the blogosphere? Anyways, I liked the poem - and would welcome another, if you're feeling so inspired.

    Carolina, you're up. Thanks for hoppping on board!

  12. Here I am!

  13. Have just hopped on the bus. Sorry but can't do links.

  14. Thanks for the spin, am on board now

  15. Here you are!

  16. Thanks for the fun! My transformation is HERE.

  17. I am on board.
    looking forward to reading as always. excellent prompt.
    much love

  18. cooooooooo.... el! :-D
    about to wreck my head!

  19. Just posted my effort. Thankyou for driving us this week.

  20. Just posted mine, too. Thanks for the prompt.

  21. I think I just jumped on the bus at the wrong stop. My transformation contribution is posted. Please just click on the name.

  22. Come on over to my blog for my take on this buzz; shapeshifting lessons for free!