Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Call back Friday to catch the Poetry Bus

Just happened to check TFE's place and realised I'm cheduled to drive the Poetry Bus this coming Monday.

I've fallen off the bus pretty spectacularly in the last few months, between work, vegetable garden, rebellious nine-year-old daughters, and other stuff, but I'm hoping to find a spot in the back row this autumn. Meanwhile, I solemnly promise to have the engine purring smoothly by Friday morning (or thereabouts).

Also meanwhile, here's a picture of just some of our spectacularly successful vegetable garden harvest.**

**Please note that the hand on which the pumpkin is placed is an unusually large one.


  1. That looks delicious, the tomatoes from our garden would be compared to peas if they were green:-)
    will call back tomorrow

  2. I was about to remind you but you need no reminding.

    I love that foto, the majestic hills in the background,and that perfect pumpkin would make a lovely Key ring charm.
    We harvested our runner bean the other day.It was delicious.We may grow another one next year.

  3. What a sweet little pumpkin - just remind yourself that size isn't everything.

    Shall be back tomorrow for the poetry bus prompt.

  4. Thanks Crazy Field Mouse - Maybe you could start a trend? Tomatopeas? Peamatoes?

    And TFE, as for turning my prize pumpkin into a key ring charm, I was thinking more along the lines of pies, maybe roasting a little of it (there is a lot there, after all). I also wondered about canning, maybe?? All suggestions welcome.

    Thanks, Weaver of Grass. Looking forward to seeing you on the Poetry Bus.


    Hello, How exciting to land on your magical poetry land.
    Hope you well.

    I am inviting you to join us for poetry potluck fun.
    First Time participants are encouraged to link in 1 to 3 random poems to share, old poems are welcome. Hope to see you in.

    I signed in to follow your blog.
    welcome follow us back.

    Happy Tuesday!
    You Rock!