Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bus is now taking passengers

I'll be updating this post in dribs and drabs, between work and other stuff, but
the first of this week's Poetry Bussers are already grabbing their seats.

First up is Jeanne Iris (Talk about prompt! She almost had this poem written before I'd even finished posting!)

And lagging not too far behind is Rachel Fox here

Next up is Carolina at Child of a frosty morning

And Jinksy has two poems for the bus this week. First off, a strangely prescient post here and also a freshly penned poem here

Next up is the Bug here

An owlish poem from the The doc

And a poignant one from  The Weaver of Grass

Next passenger is Niamh at Various Cushions

And lagging not too far behind is NanU here

While Lydia at Writerquake has been doing some serious transforming

And last for now, but certainly not least it's Poetry Bus progenitor Totalfeckineejit here

Some more passengers - Welcome aboard to

Crazy field mouse who's here

And Helen at Poetry Matters here

There's more - 

A big welcome to The Watercats who's also just hopped on board

And Peter at the Stammering Poet has penned a magical poem

Also to King of the camels, who's gone graphic

And to Heather over at Ragged old blogger. Welcome aboard!

Titus the dog has managed to grab a seat just before the bus takes off here

And next up is Poetikat

And last for now, but by no means least, Dominic Rivron at Made out of words here

Hold on! Patteran has just jumped on the bus here

And another latecomer, Karen at Keeping Secrets, is here

Not sure if chiccoreal is hoppping on the bus or not, but what the hell, we'll stick up her link here

I'll  be posting my offering sometime Sunday and getting round to read everyone's hopefully Monday. Meanwhile, keep those poems coming!


  1. I wrote the following comment ( With Link) on your earlier post, but now Blogger has deigned to show me your latest one... And I'm even more certain I am psychic!

    "I claim an Extra Sensory Perception ticket for this Poetry Bus! I unwittingly fulfilled all requirements for this post on Wednesday, 1st September!"

    But I may write another by Monday, if the Muse strikes...

  2. OK, I've been stricken...The other poem is HERE

  3. There are couple of hiccups with the links just now, I think.

  4. Thanks Rachel. Think they're sorted, but let me know if ye spot anything else :)

  5. Hello there! My Poetry Bus offering can be found at Poetry Matters:

    (sorry, I wasn't certain how to automatically insert the link in comments)

  6. OK ... call me quick study, fast learner, whatever! Here goes .....


  7. Here I am. Hope I'm not too tardy!

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