Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poetry Bus Poem - Check post below for the latest passengers

See the post below for all this week's Poetry Bus passengers. The Bus doors are still open - anyone who wants to hop on board can just leave a comment and your link will be added to the post below.

The poem below is my last minute offering. Thanks to everyone who took the bus this week, and a big thanks to Totalfeckineejit for letting me take the wheel.

The day is full of the usual things:
Work; school; a trip to the shops;
small town traffic on the coast road.
Main Street’s deserted
now the summer crowds are gone.

We get back home to find
September sliding across the lawn.
It slips into the kitchen where I’m chopping meat,
roams upstairs, checks out our bed,
examines the empty rooms.

We flick on rings, lights are lit.
Potatoes are tested, the table set.
Outside moths and daddylonglegs gather.
Hannifin’s horse whinnies drily, and night
washes up against the windows and walls.


  1. September is definitely "sliding across the lawn" here! Such lovely images, these "usual things" that fill our days and lives, and ease us through tough transitions. Thanks so much for driving the bus!

  2. night
    washes up against the windows and walls.

    I loved this image, making September an incoming tide...

  3. What a lovely concept ... September sliding across the lawn!

    Your driving skills are the best ....

  4. I absolutely love this poem, there's some stunning imagery in here and atmosphere to burn! "september sliding across the lawn".. just sumptuous!.. this should be a published thing...
    My weirdo attempt is up.. lol!

  5. Hannifin's horse is a great image! And the sliding September too. Lovely piece of work.
    I is up.

  6. really atmospheric poem, the washing up walls, sliding up the lawn, it's a slow takeover - great job at the wheel

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  8. Hey Helen, thank you. Delighted you caught this week's bus.

  9. Carolina, thanks. Sometimes I forget those everyday things help us through the tough times, and I end up resenting them. But you're absolutely right - we need them.

  10. Watercats, you always say the nicest things! Thanks for hopping on the bus.

  11. Peter, thanks.
    Hannifin's horse lives in the field behind our house. When I climb the hill he chases me. If he works in this poem then at least he's done one thing right.
    Thanks for getting on the bus ;)

  12. Thanks Niamh B - I'm looking forward to returning to my days as a passenger once autumn kicks in!

  13. your poem is excellently good... google just ate my last comment.. it was much better than this one! :-D

  14. Gentle and atmospheric, lovely images of September sliding across the lawn and night washing up against the windows and walls.Fabulatastissimo!
    And mucho thanks for driving.

  15. I'm on board!

  16. Beautiful poem, love those two images that everyone else has picked up on -
    "September sliding across the lawn"
    "...and night
    washes up against the windows and walls."
    but it's the whole tone and tenor of the poem that is so affecting. And I loved Hannifin's horse, it gives just a touch of ancient legend to the whole thing. Great driving!

  17. Oh, what a beautiful poem. It was a meditation that stilled my soul. As so many before me said, your line September sliding across the lawn is exquisite. Wonderful work.

  18. Catches the time perfectly.
    Thanks for your prompt - it helped me in ways I probably don't even know about yet.

  19. Wonderful! I love the notion of September sliding into your home and bringing all the changes with it. Interesting how both you and TFE mentioned Daddylonglegs.

    Mine is here:

  20. I loved your poem about my favorite time of year.

  21. Thanks a million everyone for all the comments. Really enjoyed driving the bus, so thank you TFE.

    King of the Camels, thanks for visiting.

    Titus, delighted you could make and hope you're feeling better.

    Lydia, thanks so much for dropping by, and for your generous words.

    Rachel, thanks. I'm really pleased to think the prompt might have helped you in some way :)

    Kat, thanks - must check TFE's poem again. I hadn't noticed the Daddylonglegs. What does it mean.?? Does it mean anything?? Are there daddylonglegs in other parts of the world?? Hmmmmmm.

    Annell, thanks for visiting. I love this time of year too.

  22. A subtle and effective depiction of the arrival of autumn. I like in particular the personification of September 'sliding across the lawn'.

    My transformation poem is up and away. If so inclined, click on the name link.

  23. Weaver, thank you :)

    Patteran, thanks for visiting. Your link is up!

  24. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...for a very important date! Sorry to be here so late, but the weekend...well, the weekend!

  25. Did I stop to tell you how lovely I find this to be? If not, forgive me please. This is absolutely loverly! The imagery is just what I feel in fall. Beautiful!

  26. stunning word painting.
    Thanks for the beautiful inspirations.
    keep it up.
    your talent rocks.


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