Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The poetry bus is heading to Argent’s

A big thanks to everyone who jumped on this week’s poetry bus, and to the brilliant totalfeckineejit for letting me drive. I love the bus - it's a totalfeckinbrilliant invention!

Now for the official Passing of the Keys Ceremony – Argent at Delusions of Adequacy over to you!


  1. Well done PF. Deliciously driven,a great chalenge got some real nice poems methinks.And the biscuits were the icing on the cake (!??)
    Muchoplenty thanks and applause!

  2. Ps. looking forward to Argentino's drive. Please fill the bus with diesel before handing over. There's a credit card behind the sun visor and the pin is 1234.The only number I can remember.Fill up anywhere except Shell or Statoil as they are giving the people of Rosport a hard time.

  3. Awww - thanks guys - really enjoyed it (the quality of the passengers is what does it)

    Re: the diesel, there's a full tank in it now. Got a special deal from a lad just there beyond Cashel - he said any friend of eejit's was a friend of his ;)