Monday, April 5, 2010

The Poetry Bus is leaving from the Swiss Lounge

The poetry bus is being driven by Swiss at this week, with some really great picture prompts.

The images there kept pulling me back, partly because I just couldn’t figure out what that spherical, moony looking thing was.

Was it the moon? Was it a planet? Was it the inside of somebody’s body? That’s what I eventually decided on, but at one stage I was convinced I could see ducks in there . . . .


Psssssssssssst !

See that down there?
That’s a whole world
right there.
Armies are formed
and destroyed.
Frontlines are
laid to waste.
And all
in a matter of days.
Remember that chilli you ate?


Listen to it detonate.


  1. How witty! I really enjoyed the sense of winking fun in this!

  2. I love the Pst and Shh framing! And the Armies and Frontlines. Great take, and what actually is it?

  3. Clever and witty, a miniature existence just like our own, love the last line particularly.
    I'm with you, I demand to know what it really is:-)
    thanks for sharing

  4. yet another world! all will be revealed

  5. Argent, thanks - I'm happy with witty :)

    Titus and Crazy Field Mouse, you can find out over at Swiss's. Turns out I wasn't too far off with the ducks. But instead I decide to write about my innards. Hmmmmm.

    Thanks swiss - I spent many minutes trying to work out what the photos actually were. Thanks for driving.

    Rachel, thank you.

    Tfe, glad you got a laugh out of it

  6. Ah very funny. Glad I can't hear that chilli detonate!