Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Poetry Bus, The Poetry Bus, The Poetry Bus will be leaving shortly

Don't miss the Bus - Full instructions are listed in the post below:

A note to all Poetry Bus passengers: Tea and biscuits will be served halfway through the journey, when we'll be stopping off at the lay-by near the Rock of Cashel (and yes, chocolate digestives are available, Poetikat).

The driver would also like to inform passengers that the small odour problem has been addressed. 

Big thanks to Totalfeckineejit for letting me drive the legendary bus and welcome to the two passengers already on board:

Rachel Fox over at More about the song -

And Jeanne Iris over at Revolutionary Revelry

More passengers: 

Swiss is here

And following close behind here's Evaliin - welcome aboard guys

The bus is now open for business again Poetikat

And a big welcome aboard to last week's bus driver Niamh over at Various.

Peter Goulding's gone gothic over at The Stammering Poet

And Titus the dog tells a haunting story.

It's all about rugby over at NanU's

Enchanted Oak finds beauty in the precious

And totalfeckineejit  is seeing fireflies

Welcome aboard to karen who's treating passengers to one she done earlier (For anyone who's tried this link and found it didn't work TRY IT AGAIN - please :)

And finally, better late than never Dominic Rivron 

No - there s one more (feckin apostrophe key s gone again) Domestic Oubliette has made it by the skin of her teeth!

Wait up - heres another last minute passenger- its Argent!

Below is my own attempt (at something - I'm not sure what!)

The third eye

There is a place
between sanity
and madness.
My friend went there
when her third eye opened
and the next day she rang
from the supermarket
to say
how she saw God
in the check-out girl’s face.

I’ve only
visited once,
years ago,
at dinner,
when my husband
and his parents
and his grandmother
were replaced
by four elongated
silver shapes

who carried me
to the table
because I couldn’t walk
while spears
of silver
shot through their limbs.
And I thought then
that this was the truth.
That I just hadn’t seen it


  1. not quite the poem i'd intended but as i'm about to dash away it'll need to be this one

  2. Thanks for kick-starting the bus, I´m on this week! :-)

  3. Links up - Welcome Aboard! Really looking forward to seeing what's come up . . .

  4. You're probably asleep at the wheel right now (and who can blame you? It's after midnight your time), but I've hit the ground running and am trying to get on the bus (you've got the doors shut, by the way).

  5. You're up Poetikat and I'm back at the wheel, fresh as a daisy after my twelfth cup of black coffee!

  6. I'm on board, phew. Thanks for driving Pure Fiction!! Looking forward to seeing what the others have come up with!!

  7. I like your poem too Pure Fiction - tis a bit creepy but has images that'll linger I think - I'm just imagining where the third eye would be located. I'd have it somewhere unusual I think - like the end of my nose or on my neck - for surreptitious glances - see? crazy thought provoking! Thanks

  8. I'd say there's many would gladly swap their spouse and inlaws for four elongated silver shapes.
    I couldn't possibly comment on that...
    My light hearted little ballad is up.

  9. I have a poem about not taking LSD before meals too...

  10. Thnx Niamh - I love the idea of your third eye being on the end of your nose . . mine would probably be on my ass or somewhere like that, which would sort of come in handy if you were a teacher, I suppose (which I'm not, btw).

    Hey Peter, come on, you can tell us . . and welcome aboard. I'll stick your link up straight away.

    Rachel, heeheeheehee - it was either that or the magic mushrooms, I suppose . .

  11. Bought my ticket! It's here:

    Coming back for a big read-round later!

  12. Whoa! I really like this!

    I'm having the hardest time with the prompt this week. Maybe I'll have an inspirational visit from a spirit tonight. Otherwise, I may just be hanging on the side, peeking through the windows.

  13. Strange, surreal, real .I wonder is the truth something we've never seen beforeor something we just didn't recognise.Either way I'm not sleeping tonite! I'm on board but my power over the clickyable has deserted me.eejit

    Hang on , I think it may be back.

  14. Sorry PF, I didn't see your own poem at the bottom of the post last night (I should have been in bed, apparently.)

    Wow! Is this like an alien visitation? I'm getting that "mothership" feel.


  15. Well Karen - did any spirits turn up?? There's still time, you know - we even have luxurious chocolate biscuits for this morning's tea break??

    Hey Tfe, glad you could make it. The power of the clickable is amazing alright - If it wasn't for Argent, driving this bus could have been a messy business.

    Yes Poetikat, I suspect they were aliens - although Rachel Fox has another theory (take a look at her comment above);)

  16. Oh, so ashamed of myself! The muse has hopped the bus ahead of me and is riding happily with my other poet friends. However, if you want to see my pre-desertion spirit poem, since most of you haven't read it and didn't know me then, you can post this one:

  17. Thanks for including me, but the link's a phantom!

  18. Just realised I should perhaps have posted the link to my effort in the comments here!

  19. Karen, sincerest, slobbering apologies - I've fixed it, so it should work now - those clickable links can be slippery little beggars.

    Dominic, you're on!

  20. On board!

  21. Came back to read yours again. I like it more and more. People as could work.

  22. Well PF, great driving and now I can relax and enjoy yours.
    Then I read it. Eeek! This is like a terrifying-drugs-Indian-mysticism-paranoia vision and yet crafted by a sane person, so that you read it and think... it's possible. And then there are the layers which take to you to metaphors and images and that's possibly more scary... and then those final four lines. Which are fantastic.
    It was other-worldly, but the possibility that it's this world is what makes it so strong.

  23. Domestic, you're up - Thanks for jumping on board!

    Rachel, thanks (I think - people as cutlery,. eh? And I thought it was a poem about alien visitations/the dangers of taking elicit substances when the in-laws are coming round to dinner.

    Yes, Titus, I suppose this poem could be seen as proof that alien visitations/strange visions/bad trips can happen (sometimes to the sanest of people) - and even when their in-laws are coming round to dinner.

    It wasn't actually meant to be a scary poem though - but that seems to be the way it came out. . . sigh . . .It was meant to be . . uplifting . . sigh. Mmmm - maybe it needs a little more work :)

  24. I like this poem: especially the second stanza! I think it has a great comical edge to it.

  25. Thanks Dominic - a comical edge? I'm happy with that :)

  26. Whoah, now there are some problematic in-laws.

  27. ArSparker - I know! And I'm still not sure what exactly happened - And writing that poem hasn't made things any clearer for me ;)

  28. PF (I just noticed today, when I was eating my Peak Freans Lifestyle chocolate-cherry biscuits, that you have the same initials!)

    I DID see Rachel's theory and it made me choke on my tea!


  29. My old piano teacher told me once that his sister had her third eye opened and after a few days had to have it closed again as she was getting all kinds of weird visions - much like these in fact. Waaah!!! Great pome though!