Monday, May 3, 2010

Aaaaarghhhh - missed the Poetry Bus again

Another great prompt, this week from The Watercats, and still no poem.
Maybe it's because I'm not feeling very rock'n roll, (too old, a little too fat, stiff back), or maybe it's because I've never been much of a drugtaker (apart from alcohol, of course - oh, ok, and the odd xanax or two;).
As for trying to actually upload an audio file of myself reading the poem I couldn't write,. . . . . well . . .that part of it was never going to happen. (No microphone, no speakers, complete inability to master anything remotely technical).
Well done to Watercats for the great prompt, and next week, come hell or high water, I intend to be on that bus!


  1. No worries! I struggled to join it myself this week, lol!

  2. I missed it too...but hey, there will always be anothger week!

  3. Missed you PF, missed your contribution.Too old? Meh! I'm the oldest, fattest, baldest, toothlessest most preposterous person on the planet!
    But I'm on the bus.

  4. Loved the prompt Watercats - have been running round listening to all this weeks offerings. Some great stuff

    Evalinn, you're so right. That's the way to look at it!

    TFE, you're so right too. There is no excuse! Next week I'll be dragging my aging body onto that bus - see you down the back with the rest of the oldies/baldies/fatties.

  5. PF, we missed you!
    I'll save you a seat for next week. Just to make you feel guilty if you don't turn up...

  6. Aww - thanks Titus - and I WILL be sitting beside you on that bus!