Monday, March 22, 2010

Chickening out on the Poetry Bus

I found TFE'S poetry prompt ( this week really hard. Most of my angry poems are personal, and having toyed with the idea of posting one here, in the end I decided against it.
Instead here's a poem that's a little angry, and a little snide, and a little bitter, (pretty much the way I feel after a drunken night out).

The morning after

Did you think you were a witch?
Or some class of enchantress?
With your ‘lazy grace’ and
unbrushed hair and those big hips?
Did you?

When you came into a room
did you really think all eyes were on you?
Did you believe in your conceit
that voices lulled because
of you?

Well now you know - you were never
what you saw in your head.
And all those moments spent
wondering what was being said?


Well, not about you anyway.


  1. Is this the same poem re-written above?In some ways it's obviously less hard hitting yet almost as strong.I likes it!

  2. Hey tfe, thanks - and no it's not the same poem - this is the one I posted before I decided to stop being such a chicken about posting the one above!

  3. It does seem like a relative of the other poem in some I know what TFE is getting at...there's a similar anger at a woman...which is unusual to read these days because of the whole not-offending people (especially women) thing.

  4. Hi Rachel, that's weird - I never saw them as being similar before.
    Re the anger, this one was supposed to capture some of those nasty morning-after-the-night-before feelings - the beating yourself up over what an eejit you might have made of yourself. But maybe that doesn't come across.
    Hope I haven't offended any women readers - particularly as I am one!