Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just back from a writing workshop

Lots of explanations for the long gap since my last post - family hooley, work, family visiting (always involves lots of wine), work, and a writing workshop (and of course, more work).

The writing workshop was in screenwriting, of all things. Why I booked a writing workshop in screenwriting I don't know, seeing as how I write poetry and fiction and have never written a screenplay in my life, but I did, and I went, and I'm still not quite sure what I thought about it, or what I think of the whole writing workshop experience.

I'll be missing the poetry bus again this week (did I mention I'm busy with work??) but definitely plan to be on it next week.

And finally, I've two readings coming up, and am now officially nervous. Any tips gratefully received.


  1. Yahoo re the readings! my tips for reading poems in public are here - for what they might be worth, am sure you'll do great, your poems are beautiful...

  2. Welcome back.
    Poetry readings? I know someone else said this first, but speak slowly and carry a big stick.

  3. Thanks a million Niamh - am off to check out your tips now

    Thanks Titus - A big stick, eh?? To beat hecklers with? - Or maybe to fend off all those hundreds of fans looking for my autograph at the end of the reading?@!