Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few stolen moments at the computer

Finally – a chance to get at the computer now Clementine’s gone to bed. For some reason I find it difficult to write with her staying here. I never thought I’d say it, but I believe I’d got used to being alone.
We only finished dinner two hours ago – slow cooked lentil casserole with chickpeas and tofu. Clementine insisted on cooking and afterwards we did the washing up together and she told me about her diet. Due to her growing concern over global warming she’s given up all fruit and vegetables imported from outside Europe.
She’s also decided, to avoid adding any further to the cocktail of chemicals already in her system, to use personal hygiene products made only from organic vegetable oil. In a bid to improve her 'emotional health' she’s cut out all white flour products, yeast products, dairy products and eggs.
She does allow herself, however, three or four gins a night, and cannot function unless she has had at least two mugs of extra strong freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning, when she appears with her lips painted a startling shade of red that cannot possibly be derived from any natural ingredient.
Tomorrow she is treating me to lunch in the restaurant where she works part time. The lentil casserole is doing strange things to my stomach. I think I need to go to the loo.


  1. PF ,are you there?There's nothing worse than someone staying in your house is there? She sounds a right looper that Tangerine.Now listen get yourself out of the Loo and look at the moon , and ??? Exactly, it's not there, the feckin moon has disappeared.It's supposed to be 29% of full and the sky here is clear for once,it's not a total darkness and I can see stars (and yes I've had a small amount of Acohol) but there is NO moon-at all!! The Gibbons have eaten it!!!

  2. I'm just back from the garden. I've walked an entire circumference of the house. And you're absolutely right. There is NO moon. Not even a bit of a moon. Not even a sliver of a moon.(even though according to your widget it should be 20 per cent of full.) Damn those gibbons. What can be done?