Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shocked and honoured

What a nice surprise - fellow blogger and rising star totalfeckineejit has given me an award. This is not something to be sneezed at - totalfeckineejit has just had a poem accepted by THE SHOp, along with one of his photos, which is due to be featured on no less than the magazine's front cover in the near future.
So what I have to do is post the logo here (which I have had a bit of diffulty doing), list seven things I love, and pass it on.

First of all, seven things I love . . .

1 Aunt Dee's garden (it's slowly taking shape)
2 Empty churches
3 People (some, not all)
4 Growing things - particularly edible things
5 Very old, moth-eaten animals
6 Coffee
7 Attics

As for the seven blogs I want pass it on to - that's hard, because I'm newish to the blogging thing, and the blogs I really like, like totalfeckineejit and womenrulewriter have already received it.
After those two . . .

Come in character, a site for writers who want to develop their own fictional characters by interracting with other fictional characters - check out the shared story posts. - because I think what they're doing makes sense - miniature people take to the streets - brilliantly surreal. - because she's generous and honest about her writing. - He blogs intelligently and eruditely at an impossible pace. Check out a brilliant poem by Michael Murphy called enclosures act on his blog. check out the weekly Nature Notes posts.


  1. Hey, I love Slinkachu!I have the book 'Little people in the city' and meant to blog about it coz I liked it so much, but forgot.Cool!Funnily enough at the other extreme I love Antony Gormleys huge sculptures and Will Self mentions him in the foreward of the book and Dominic Rivron who just left a comment on your blog has also just posted about some of Gormleys statues.Synchronicity or wot?

  2. Weird - Very synchronistic (that couldn't really be a word, could it?) I paid a visit to Dominic Rivron's blog last night and I LOVE those statues. I've seen some of Gormley's stuff before, but those are amazing. I'm heading for Liverpool next time I'm in England.

  3. Thanks, I am honoured by your award.

  4. Hi Madeline, thanks for visiting. I've been spreading the word about your open day.

  5. Thank you for letting me know that you had won this award and were passing it on to me. I will happily take it..thank you....Michelle

  6. I wanted to let you know that I did do the 7 Things Award...I am just late getting to everything..Thank you so much...Michelle From Rambling Woods